Test Sites
Test Sites is a series of ongoing performance pieces that are experiments in process. This started when I went to the A-Z West residency in Joshua Tree, CA where I went with the purpose of not creating anything specific. Each Test Site involves a short-term process and are exercises in limits and creativity. 

Untitled (Working Title) (in process)
A multidisciplinary performance that revolves around racial identity and lost and found culture. This piece integrates music, movement, and Philippine folk arts. I have received an award from the Puffin Foundation for this project and will present a work-in-progress at National Sawdust's Summer Labs on August 24, 2017.
Role: Director, Performer

I guess you could call this "performance art..." (2015; ongoing)
This is a series of ongoing, real-life situations where I berate anyone who says something racist and/or sexist to me on the streets of New York City. The only form of documentation are whatever I write afterwards, since these are spontaneous occurrences.