Test Sites is a series of ongoing performance pieces that are experiments in process. This started when I went to the A-Z West residency in Joshua Tree, CA where I went with the purpose of not creating anything specific. Each Test Site involves a short-term process and are exercises in limits and creativity. 

Test Site 1: In)habit (2016)
Created in collaboration by Coco Karol and Sugar Vendil
Music: Trevor Gureckis
Choreographer: Coco Karol

A project that began with my stay at the A-Z West wagon station encampment in Joshua Tree, CA, “Test Site” is a performance piece, an experiment in process, revolving around the body, nature, urban life, and obligation (in this case, the piano), drawing connections as well as acknowledging the tension between these elements. I created movement in collaboration with choreographer Coco Karol and improvise sparse notes on top of an electronic track by composer Trevor Gureckis. The video is comprised shots of the desert and city that I display from a handheld projector, which I carry with me in various parts of the performance. 

Test Site 2: Study Within Sculptures
Directed and Edited by Sugar Vendil
Composed by Trevor Gureckis, Hajnal Pivnick & Sugar Vendil
Performers: Hajnal Pivnick, violin; Sugar Vendil, performer
Sculptures: Sonambient Sculptures by Harry Bertoia
Costumes by Atelier de Geste
Special thanks to Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
Recorded at MAD's exhibition, "Atmosphere for Enjoyment: Harry Bertoia’s Environment for Sound"

We went in with a single 12-tone melody composed by Trevor and planned as we went along. I edited an hour of footage into this video, assembling clips of what we had recorded according to what made sense sonically.