Call for Musicians

I have been looking for musicians for a new piece I'm going to start working on soon, a piece related to Filipino identity and intersectionality, and so far it's been *crickets.* It has been challenging to find other Filipinos in the performing arts here on the East Coast. It's not that I am trying to only work with people who share my culture (in fact, I believe in sharing culture with others, which is why I think that cultural appropriation is a more nuanced issue than simply being wrong...more on that at some point in the future), but I think I should try my best to see if there are other artists who can identify with the issues the piece will explore and REPRESENT! Filipinos are underrepresented in the performing arts, so here I am, adding my voice and trying to make the voices of others heard. I am ultimately open to working with anyone, any race, gender, etc., because, as I mentioned, I think we should share culture with one another, and ultimately this piece is about just one of the many things humans experience on earth. But I just need to TRY to see who's out there, beyond my own close circle of colleagues.

Below is a call for musicians that I am posting on other artist sites. Please feel free to share with anyone you think may be interested. Thanks!

Seeking Musicians for Multidisciplinary Project

Sugar Vendil and her artistic team are currently seeking musicians to collaborate on and perform in a new multidisciplinary piece based on racial identity, specifically centering on Filipino culture and colonization. The work will integrate live music, movement, and fashion (costumes). Musicians must be comfortable with dance/movement, since the piece will involve Filipino folk dance, as well as playing keyboard instruments such as a melodica or toy piano. The work will be directed by Sugar Vendil, with music composed by both Vendil and Trevor Gureckis, and choreographed by a Filipino folk dance specialist (will be announced at a later date).

This will involve a collaborative process, e.g., workshopping, going to a residency outside of the city, rehearsals, etc. Schedules will be determined well in advance and artists will be compensated for their time. The first workshop will take place in April 2017. To learn more about Sugar Vendil's work, visit her website.

If you are interested, please contact us through this form with the following information by November 28, 2016 :
1) An introductory message, detailing your interest in the project
2) Bio
3) Links to performances (video and/or audio)
4) Website

Please use the same form above to contact us with any questions.