No Thing On for toy piano (2018)
Based on Part 1 of John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing

password: nothing


Untitled for midi keyboard and Ableton (2018)
I. Trace

II. Follow

Commissioned by calligrapher/performer Aoi Yamaguchi

Test Site 3: Blood for prepared piano and electronics (2018)


Islander (in progress)
Voice, sarunay, melodica, midi keyboard, toy piano, piano, loom

Test Site 2: Study Within Sculptures for voice and violin (2016)
Composed with Trevor Gureckis and Hajnal Pivnick


Test Site 4 (2019)
Created in Collaboration with Jing Yu

I. Now
II. then
III. Then

Created and performed by Sugar Vendil and Jing Yu
Music by Sugar Vendil, sampling Don't Speak by No Doubt in II. then
Sashes from Jing Yu's Fait Accompli (2012)
Video by Jing Yu
Supported by Target Margin's Artist Residency Program


Islander (work in progress)

More info here.


Weaver (2017)

A movement from Islander


Bamboo (2017)

A movement from Islander


Test Site 1: In)habit (2016)
Created in collaboration with choreographer Coco Carol
Music by Trevor Gureckis


Fissures (2017) for electronics and desk bells