ISLANDER is a music and movement suite scored for various keyboards, sarunay, and electronics. From the lens of a second generation Filipino American, the work examines the residue colonialism has left behind through centuries and generations, and explores the tension, fragmentation, and loss that exists within one’s identity. Vendil’s longtime collaborator, composer Trevor Gureckis, will design electronic elements. Performed by Vendil and collaborators: pianists Melinda Faylor and Mary Prescott, and weaver Cynthia Alberto of Weaving Hand. Cage piece by Heather Huey. 


October 23, 2018: Dixon Place
August 18, 2018: New excerpt at Women Between Arts, curated by Luisa Muhr
September 10, 2017: Sunday Sessions at Knockdown Center, curated by Alexis Convento
August 24, 2017: Work-in-progress showing at National Sawdust's Summer Labs showcase  (Artist in Residence)


Movement in progress - Test Site 3: BLOOD - solo version for prepared piano and electronics

While at Yaddo for two weeks in July 2018, I began working on a new movement of my suite Islander. I decided to set the Tagalog word tandaan (meaning “remember”). A lot of unexpected things happened: teaching myself of couple of new things on Ableton, such as creating my own sampler from recorded sarunay sounds; creating a solo piano with electronics version of this piece so that I could share my work in progress with my fellow Yaddo residents; and figuring out how to mix my own recording. This became Test Site 3.

The piano part was recorded on the Steinway at West House with my iPhone. It was prepared with a Blackwing 602 pencil and MAC lipstick (Lady Danger, irrelevant but true) sitting on the strings, which were later removed. Special thanks to composer Trevor Gureckis for lending his ears and expertise during the mixing process.